Wedding Trends 2019 — the photo booth

The wedding ceremony is over, the formal photographs are done and it’s finally time to start having some fun. Once the formalities are out of the way, the #1 thing people will take away from a wedding is the entertainment — the fun they had after the ceremony.

Even if everything was picture perfect, the flower girls were cute as buttons and the bride looked stunning, people are more likely to remember the point in the day when everyone relaxed, and someone convinced their slightly merry grandad to have his picture taken in a photo booth with a fish on his head — that sort of thing makes everybody smile.

Not more wedding photos?

Photographs are unavoidable, a treasure for the couple getting married and a big part of a wedding, but apart from the happy couple, nobody really likes being told to pose with a fixed rictus grin while the photographer takes yet another shot. The informal shots taken when people aren’t looking tend to be the best, they become keepsakes to remind us of how much fun people had and images of friends and family letting their hair down. The most memory-making images are those candid shots of people laughing and having a great time.

How to capture the spirit of your wedding

A good photographer who will put everyone at ease is essential. Most wedding photographers are trained to try and capture the behind the scenes moments as well as the perfectly posed shots that you will have talked about before the day.

A wedding photo booth is another fantastic way to make sure that you capture fun times — once the formal speeches are done, everyone has started to relax and perhaps a few Champagne bottles have been emptied, your guests will start to let themselves go and that’s when you can capture them having fun. Book a photo booth, and you can see just what they will get up to with a bunch of silly props, poses and a book to write their messages in.

Everyone loves a selfie!

How long should you book a wedding photo booth for?

According to the owner of UK based photo booth hire business Glitz n Glamour Booths, Rob Brook, the most popular hire time is three hours. He explains why;

The photo booth tends to be really popular earlier in the evening as most people are curious and can’t wait to get in there and have a go. Some people will stop at one or two visits, others love to come back over and over again but in different groups of people.

“There’s usually a hardcore one or two wanting selfies right to the end!”

Generally though, it will quieten down after about three hours — after everyone has taken their turn. Larger events and weddings might want to book longer periods to make sure that everybody gets an opportunity to have their selfie, and there’s usually a hardcore one or two wanting selfies right to the end. But in my opinion, three hours for an average sized party or wedding seems to be perfect.”

Wedding favours with a difference

Instead of wedding favours like fashionable macarons or old style sugared almonds, which are gone in an instant, a photo booth or magic mirror booth gives your wedding guests a memento of the day which they can keep. A set of personalised wedding prints from a photo booth is a lasting reminder of the day for the happy couple too. What’s more, with many photo booths, there’s no limit to the number of selfie sessions that your guests can have — you never know, some of them might discover a real affinity with the camera and be one of the people who is in and out constantly.

A wedding keepsake for the happy couple

A bonus with most photo booths is the guest book which is usually given away free as part of the package. It will keep a record of every pose and photo in the booth and usually have a space for a personal message from each guest too.

Rob Brook admits that presenting the keepsake album to the couple is one of his favourite parts of a booking, but adds, “I tend to stop asking people for comments towards the end of the evening — some of the comments made under the influence of alcohol can get a little cheeky!”

Wedding photo booths are guaranteed entertainment

There’s something about a photo booth that people can’t resist, so if the DJ isn’t getting everyone up on their feet, point them in the direction of the photo booth instead!

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